About Us

Meet the Team

David Henriksen

President & CEO

Michael Lukaszewski

Chief Strategy Officer

Kristin Thrift

Chief Financial Officer

George Staffo

Chief Experience Officer

Lauren Harber

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Mauldin

Business Development

John Crowe

Director of Publishing Operations

Carlisa Flournoy

Administrative Executive

Dawn Hyppolite
Customer Service Supervisor

Cynthia Tunon


tiffanie Fusco

Sales Operations Coordinator

Lindsey Litt

Email Marketing Coordinator

Kendell Stellfox

Digital Advertising Strategist

Emily manke

iDisciple Principal Architect

lisa rowell

Family Christian Principal Architect

Doug Weiss

Director of Media Platforms

Laquoya Griffin

Associate Creative Director

Cynthia Bradford

Creative Design Lead

Grace Richmond

Marketing Operations Manager

Dan Riveros

Content Multimedia Manager

Giving Company, now a part of Radiant Digital, provides a variety of content and services to Christian families and individuals wanting to learn, grow, explore and live out their faith with more intention and more joy through their properties and experiences.

Originally, Giving Company was formed when four well-known, faith-based companies realized they could do more for the kingdom together than they could do on their own.  In 2018, iDisciple, Christian Cinema, Family Christian and Dove.org joined forces to create a global faith and family media network that together serve faith-oriented families around the world.  By partnering with Radiant Digital in 2023, they are doing just that and more.